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Time To Celebrate

Volunteers - our heroes

1 June 2020

While we celebrate our volunteers this week, we also want to celebrate our #HiddenHeroes who are bringing governmental plans to fruition. Well done to all the civil servants in the background, bringing people home and working with volunteer organisations to support our country and communities.

One of the best things to have come out of this difficult time is the brilliant community spirit, giving, support and kindness shown in our local areas and online.

Local volunteer networks and hubs supporting them have brought neighbours together to check on each other, particularly those in isolation. At the beginning of April, more than one in seven of 10,000 respondents to a YouGov survey expressed an interest in volunteering during the pandemic.

We've seen Zoom parties, virtual coffee mornings, WhatsApp groups and online fundraising quizzes which have opened up a world of communication and support once thought impossible.

All of these initiatives were started by individual volunteers or small groups... fuelled by the simple desire to help.

At the Charity, our volunteers play a vital role in the community, raising awareness that we're here to help and about what we offer. Most of our volunteers are working as well as supporting us. So, we supply everything to help our volunteers continue with this important work, including presentations, activities, career recognition as well as support, information and advice.

This is Volunteers Week and we simply want to say a big 'thank you'. Thank you to our volunteers for all they’ve done for us in the past. Right now, in the 'new normal' and into the future, we shall continue to support them in all that they do for our communities.

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