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Simple Movements

Active man stretching

22 April 2020

Quarantine can mean a drop in our general activity and step count, even if it used to be just walking to and from the car.

The new normal can make us a lot more sedentary and we can lose mobility and muscle strength very quickly. Without our usual routine, tasks which previously seemed simple can become more difficult... even just getting up and out of a chair!

With this in mind, here are just a few ways to improve your balance, posture and flexibility using some simple movements:

  1. Try some leg lifts while brushing your teeth – sideways and backwards, holding your middle in
  2. Stretch while the kettle boils - both sides, front and back
  3. Opening the cupboards – get down as far as you can and open and close a cupboard and then stand back up again in a controlled way – repeat as many times as you can
  4. Chair sits – sit down and stand up as many times as you can in a row, in a controlled and balanced way
  5. Roll your shoulders like you used to in PE classes - backwards, forwards and then backwards again
  6. Concentrate on your breathing while you do these. Exhale steadily
  7. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not progress to body weight exercises like planks and squats?
  8. Get creative with some dancing! Put on your favourite playlist and dance like no one is watching
  9. Play with pets and children, run around, jump and relive those childhood games
  10. Let us know how you get on. Share your thoughts and feedback by sending us a private message on social media.
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Set your own goals, start with five or ten. Try and do one more repetition every day and see how many you can do by the end of the week! You’ll be surprised how this becomes so much easier over time.

Activity improves our health and gives us more energy. This shouldn't be a chore, so look for simple ways to include it in your new routine to increase strength and mobility.

You may be a little sore at first but that is just building up new strength. As we become stronger physically, so we will mentally. And mental wellbeing, strength and resilience is what we need right now.

If you need us in any other ways, remember that we are here for you.

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