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Seven Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing

1 April 2020

Here are seven ways to look after your mental health and raise awareness of good wellbeing.

1. Keep active

Physical activity does wonders for your mental health.

2. Talk about it

Get together with friends, family or colleagues and have a good old natter! 

3. Eat well

Good food is another great way to support your mental health. Vitamins and other nutrients can protect your mental wellbeing.

4. Drink sensibly

Why not pass on the alcohol and have a mocktail party? By replacing alcohol with your favourite juices, you might discover a new favourite whilst having a healthy evening in.

5. Keep in touch

Spending time with friends and loved ones, whether it’s by email, phone, Skype, text or whatsapp - there's no excuse for not keeping in touch.

6. Be mindful

Learn a technique called mindfulness to help yourself cope during stressful times. You can access to A Taste of Mindfulness, a new online self-study introduction to mindfulness, provided by Breathworks.

7. Be you

We’re all different. By talking about mental health locally, you will be helping to break down some of the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

You never know who you’ll help take the step to support by sharing your story.

For more information go to the Mental Health Foundation’s website.

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