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Proud sponsors of the Health and Wellbeing Award at the Civil Service Awards

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16 February 2021

Last year was a tough year for all of us and the pressure has definitely increased in the midst of the dark and cold winter months, when we’re all trying to stay at home during another lockdown. On top of this, civil servants have the added pressure of continuing their work to help keep our country running – throughout the pandemic – sometimes working in difficult and challenging home environments. Given all of this, I think it’s more important than ever for the Charity to provide crucial support to the civil servants most in need, including those in retirement.

When life is difficult, no one should have to try and cope on their own. It’s okay to reach out to ask for help. We know that’s not always easy, but it’s something we’ve learned as a Charity, and it’s very clear from the personal experiences of those we’ve helped.

To provide the best help we can, we work with partners who are experts in health, wellbeing and finance. We also know that the cause of poor health and wellbeing can’t always be pinpointed to one issue, so we help people in need, by working through their issues one by one, to understand the whole picture.

Becoming a sponsor of the Health and Wellbeing category is a proud moment for the Charity. In a year like no other, I truly believe that the remarkable work of everyone trying to improve the health and wellbeing of others is something to be celebrated. Across all award categories, everyone’s work has been inspired and inspiring, a joy to see.

Last year, our Charity was approached for help over 54,000 times. This year, we’re expecting many more requests, given the challenges we’re all facing. Our aim is to reach out to those who have never heard of us but who may be most in need of our help. This could be a colleague, or even someone who used to work with the Civil Service but has now left, even someone who may have retired a long while ago.

The Charity is here for you, offering lifelong support, and if someone has been a civil servant at any point in their career, they can approach us for help at any time. Please just take a moment to look at our website, get to know us and most of all, tell others about the support we can offer.

By doing so, you might be helping someone through the biggest challenge they’ve ever faced.

Stay healthy, stay well and please do keep in touch.

Thank you,

Graham Hooper
Chief Executive

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Find out more about The Charity for Civil Servants, our self-help resources, webinars and our Wellbeing App. For support speak directly to our Help Team.

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