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Positive Activities To Boost Wellbeing

Why not try something new?

19 June 2020

Are you a jigsaw fan? A budding Van Gogh? Sudoku aficionado? Whatever activities you enjoy, digital or analogue, they distract us from negative thoughts and give us something constructive to focus on. Some people let off steam with computer games, others like interacting with people online and some find gardening therapeutic.

Instead of sitting and watching the TV, we can stand, walk or march on the spot. Get that heart rate pumping and increase your daily step count!

When it comes to positivity, a simple change of scene can help. Reorganise your workspace, change the living room around or clear out a cluttered cupboard. Constructive activity gives us an enormous sense of wellbeing. De-cluttering our surroundings can de-clutter our minds.

Even if you don't change your living and working area, try changing your routine. Try something different – it boosts creativity and may help solve a work problem you've been pondering for a while.

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