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Our Prize Draws

Our summer prize draw

14 September 2020

Every year we host prize draws, but this year, we're hosting more than usual, because this year has been unusual in itself. As charities across the board have struggled with fundraising due to event closures, we have also been affected.

Prize draws not only enable us to give back to our lifelong community, but allow us to be there for those who need it by raising much needed funds. In fact, many people who participate not only buy tickets, but also donate on top, which really helps us provide the support needed, as and when it's needed.

Read some of the stories of those we've helped.

The second prize draw of the year raised a total of £22,000, from ticket sales and donations combined, so thank you to everyone who got involved.

Below is a breakdown of the winners, and what they said about their wins:

Draw Prize Ticket no. Name
1st £1,000 029455 T Harper
2nd £500 057081 A Marshall
3rd £500 001897 J Field
4th £250 088744 M Bellamy
5th £250 015470 D Bonham
6th £150 050945 V Mirski
7th £150 013035 P Corser
8th £150 059030 G Phillips
9th £150 098283 J Grocutt
10th £150 069603 R Smith

"I am absolutely delighted in my good fortune and glad to give a little back to the Charity out of my winnings, as I've been paying in regularly for years and never increased my donation."
T Harper, retired civil servant

"I never believed this would happen to me. You always buy the tickets to support the Charity, but never expect to win. I'm away this weekend with all the family in the Cotswolds, so I'll buy them all a drink."
G Phillips, retired civil servant

"I never win anything, such a lovely surprise. We haven't really been anywhere this year, so I will take the family out for a meal to celebrate."
J Grocutt, HMRC

Reflecting on this great news, we're very proud to let you know that there will be a Winter Prize Draw, so if you didn't win, don't worry; there's still a chance if you buy tickets.

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When you request tickets via the online form, a member of the fundraising team will be in touch to take payment. Tickets are sold in books of ten and cost £1 per ticket. Click here to request your tickets. Ticket numbers will then be emailed to you, so make sure you've got us set as an approved sender!

If you win, we personally call you and break the good news. Who doesn't need £150 - £1,000 extra in their account to help make your Christmas this year extra special?

Remember, if you're a winner and you'd like to share a selfie video with us letting us know why you entered, and just how good winning feels, find out more here.

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