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17 April 2020

Right now we need to focus on our physical and mental health more than ever. So we’re sharing some quick tips on how to make working from home more comfortable - whether with kids, roommates or alone!

  1. Create a clean and clear environment that is welcoming and calming
  2. Get creative with plants and add any greenery to your workspace to induce calm. Give yourself something beautiful to focus on and de-stress
  3. Don’t let washing up and rubbish build up; keep surfaces tidy and together
  4. Update anyone in your shared space about meetings and requirements. That way, you can better plan your working space and minimise noise
  5. Have an arsenal of quiet distractions for, and planned downtime with, children and pets
  6. Be patient, mindful and understanding of others in a shared space
  7. Show gratitude: write down the things you are grateful for or share with a friend
  8. Think of things you won’t take for granted when this is over. Make a note of these things and use this for future reflection
  9. Don’t miss an opportunity to stretch your legs
  10. Share this page with someone else so they can sign up and feel less alone.

Our first blog looked at calm routine, managing escalating anxiety and our stress-busting tools.

Remember that we are always here for you and your dependents. Whether you’re currently serving, have left the Civil Service or are retired, you can access specialist resources from us. Find our wellbeing support in the first tile.

We are creating a library of blogs to support you, your friends, dependents and colleagues during this time.

Our partner, CSSC, also have a range of resources to help keep you and your family active, motivated and happy through this spell of isolation.

Lightening your mental load a little more, we’re here for you.

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