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Introducing Our New Carer's Passport And Carer's Statement Digital Tool

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25 November 2020

At The Charity for Civil Servants, we’ve been providing support to carers for over a decade. It all started with our Carer’s Passport service – a tool which carers have used to outline caring responsibilities to their employers. The aim was to encourage dialogue between the employer and employee and agree a way forward. The Carer's Passport can be transferred between jobs.

Reducing the impact on carers

We’ve learnt a lot about the impact caring may have on people’s work/life balance. Carers have told us that the Carer’s Passport relieved the stress of having to find alternatives to leaving work, reducing hours or taking leave due to their caring responsibilities.

The success of the Carer’s Passport led to our Carer’s Statement, which is designed to be used outside the workplace. This enables carers to communicate their needs to care and health professionals so they are fully aware of the impact that these additional responsibilities may have. The Carer's Statement can also be used to inform the Carer's Assessment and Care Needs Assessments. As a result, carers can avoid having to explain sensitive details repeatedly.

The Carer's Passport service has proved extremely popular. As many as 2,000 Passports and Statements have been produced each year. We've made improvements so it's an easier process for carers.

Expanding our support for carers

In 2018, the Civil Service launched its own Carer’s Passport. To support this, we're replacing our Carer's Passport with a new Carer’s Passport and Carer’s Statement Digital Tool. The tool is designed to help carers reflect and document their care responsibilities. Once completed, a carer receives a record of their answers, which can be used to complete the Civil Service Carer’s Passport form. This also acts as a personalised action plan, with tailored advice and signposts to additional resources. Carers can also request a Carer’s Statement.

This new digital tool is quick and easy to use and carers receive their documents almost instantly. From first-hand experience, one carer told us:

“I’ve just gone through the tool and I am really impressed. Using it, and being asked specific questions, made me think both about things that I could include in my passport that I had not done previously (for instance the impact on personal relationships). And also it made me think of sources of support that I hadn’t previously considered accessing, such as talking to my GP. I thought those aspects were really excellent, and would be useful to me and other carers.

“I wasn’t expecting the tool to develop an action plan for me, so that was a thoughtful and useful bonus. The links to resources in the action plan were also really helpful.”

The Carer's Passport and Carer's Statement Digital Tool is easy to access. We’ll just ask you a few questions to confirm your eligibility.

All we ask is that you take a few minutes to think about the impact that caring for someone else has on your life. You also need to tell us about the support you have in place and additional support that could make your life easier.

Once completed, we’ll send you the Civil Service Passport form alongside your documents. The Charity for Civil Servants provides a wide range of other support and services, including some especially for carers.

Carer's Digital Resource

Working in partnership with Carers UK, we developed our Carer's Digital Resource, which is packed with information and advice on all caring matters. The resource is kept updated with changes to legislation, which has proved particularly helpful during the pandemic.

Access the Carer’s Digital Resource and create an account using the passcode DGTC2273.

Caring for people with dementia

In partnership with Dementia UK, we have recently launched our dementia support service, which has specialist information and support for communities across the UK.

The service includes virtual clinics, led by an Admiral Nurse. These feature a themed presentation and a Q&A session. It’s a chance for people to tap into the expertise of the Admiral Nurse and others in the group. You can also book a one-to-one telephone consultation with an Admiral Nurse.

These sessions are underpinned by self-help resources, which include videos, downloads, a chatbot and frequently asked questions about dementia. You can then be put in touch with further help or access sessions if needed.

We've also developed webinars for people caring for someone living with dementia. In addition, we offer a downloadable Emergency Plan. If you're a sole carer, it's vital to have a plan in place in case of an emergency or if you're taken ill.

Other support

The Charity for Civil Servants offers services on wellbeing, money advice and financial support – for all civil servants, including those who are carers.

Our help for carers includes financial support (subject to eligibility) to cover the costs arising from caring responsibilities, including respite breaks, technology, equipment and adaptations.

We recognise the challenges that carers face. For advice, information and support, please get in touch with us so we can provide some care for you.

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