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How To Respond To Domestic Abuse

Quote from Annie

24 April 2020

Domestic abuse incidents have increased since the lockdown began. Many people out there may not recognise themselves as victims. By educating people about how we define domestic abuse, we are gradually encouraging the most vulnerable within our society to reach out and get the help they need.

Abuse is never welcomed, and it shouldn’t be. 

Increasingly, the media and celebrities are encouraging victims of domestic abuse to seek help. From pharmacies using code words to helpline numbers written on news readers' hands, there is a huge movement to get victims the support they need.

We work with Relate – who can support you regardless of age, gender or situation. Relate aren’t domestic abuse experts but they provide a relationship counselling service.

This is Annie’s story. We helped Annie because she matters to us.

You matter to us.

We’re here for you.

“I'm so proud of every single one of my colleagues, working long hours and getting through such difficult days… We are not the NHS (who by the way, are absolute heroes), but we are key workers and we continue to work hard to support each other.

I have never known anything like the friendship I’ve found at the Civil Service. These are uncertain times so let's just be kind to each other and reach out to anyone who needs our help.”

Annie, DWP (real name protected)

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