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Feeling Stressed? Try Mindfulness

Take a moment to take notice and to breathe

4 November 2020

2020 has been stressful, hasn’t it? Life can be stressful under normal circumstances and we all respond to stress in different ways. Stress becomes a problem when it significantly affects our emotional wellbeing, self-care, and our ability to function at home, in work or in personal relationships.

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present and have an awareness of your thoughts, feelings and what is around you. It allows us to take a moment to press pause, take notice and to breathe. To be.

Mindfulness can teach us how to respond to stress by being aware of what is happening around us. It stops us from simply acting instinctively and being unaware of what emotions or motives may be driving our decisions. Through mindfulness, we can learn to develop adaptive reactions to difficult situations.

We've partnered with Breathworks to give you free access to their Taste of Mindfulness course. This online course will introduce you to mindfulness, with guided practice, tips and interesting information to help you get started on your mindfulness journey.

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