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Coping With Change

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27 May 2020

Change is inevitable. It is, in fact, the only constant in life. Every aspect of our planet is constantly in a state of change and it’s what makes our world so interesting. Life would not be cherished otherwise.

Of course, we haven't planned for a change like this. On a global scale, our lives are being turned upside down and it may feel impossible to embrace whatever new situation we’re personally facing.

In times as unsettling as these, it’s important to focus on the good... and there’s lots of it. This crisis has highlighted the compassion in all of us and, as a current or former civil servant, you know all about the importance of community spirit.

If you’re feeling anxious right now, remember:

  • It’s okay to not be okay. Don’t try to suppress your emotions. Accept whatever feelings you’re experiencing, take a deep breath and give yourself a break. You’re only human.
  • A change of routine isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can strengthen your ability to be resilient in difficult situations and may even present new opportunities to be creative.
  • On a work level, coping with change can support your personal development. If you’re finding the whole 'working from home' thing frustrating, remember that you've already worked hard to adapt to new and challenging situations. No matter what technical problems you’ve faced so far, the very fact that you’re giving it a go makes you an adaptable and dedicated colleague.

We'll get through this together and meet again face to face on the other side. Until then, stay connected with the people you love and remember: we’re here for you every step of the way.

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