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Meet the Volunteer Team

Meet your friendly Volunteering Team who manage volunteering opportunities and offer support and guidance to our volunteers and staff across the Charity.

The team empower volunteers by providing the right tools and resources to help us all work together effectively.


A little bit about me
I work with Charity staff to identify where volunteers can provide support to develop vibrant and varied volunteer roles. I started working for the Charity back in 2008. Volunteering has changed so much since then, but one thing that hasn't changed is the dedication of our kind and willing volunteers.

My favourite thing about working for the Charity
Getting to know and working closely with our amazing volunteers, and finding out the different and sometimes fascinating things they do, or used to do, within the Civil Service.

An interesting fact about me
I’ve done ballet since the age of four and still love dancing to this day. I’m also a huge fan of musicals.


A little bit about what I do
I lead The Champions – our network of like-minded current civil servant volunteers from numerous departments. As conduits of our messages to help others, they pave the way to ensure all their colleagues and friends know about the Charity, the support we offer and how to access our help when needed.

My favourite thing about working for the Charity
It’s such a pleasure to work closely with our volunteers and this is definitely one of the biggest highlights of my job!

I’m also lucky that I get to work across all teams within the Charity, so, as well as establishing great volunteer connections, I have strong relationships with my fellow peers, many who I consider not just colleagues but friends.

Knowing that you’re part of something that directly makes people’s lives better brings an extra motivation and purpose to what we do.

An interesting fact about me
I am Godmother/Guidemother to eight gorgeous children! Keeps me busy but it's also a great excuse to watch a lot of Disney.


A little bit about me
I lead the Volunteering Team in all we do strategically. Designing and delivering activities for Champions and Volunteers to get involved in, so they can support the Charity in raising as much money as possible to help more people.

My favourite thing about working for the Charity
Seeing and hearing the difference we can make to people’s lives. So much hard work goes on in the background in all we do. Meeting people we’ve helped, and working with those who have been inspired to help and make a difference, is really motivating and keeps me going.

An interesting fact about me
I lived in Japan and taught English to students, I enjoy running and ran 10k in aid of the Charity last year. I also enjoy walking, reading and cooking.

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For confidential support and advice call 0800 056 2424 Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm