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Our feedback forum volunteers

Our Feedback Forum Volunteers come from a range of departments and backgrounds from across the Civil Service community and put the voice of volunteers at the heart of what we do. They work with us to develop and shape new ideas, and give their valuable insight and feedback. They’re helping us to build a Charity that is inclusive, accessible and relevant to friends and colleagues across the Civil Service.

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Emaline, feedback forum volunteerI’m a Year 1 Project Delivery Fast Streamer currently posted to the Home Office to work on the Police Uplift Programme as a Project Support Officer. The Police Uplift Programme delivers on a government commitment to recruit 20,000 additional police officers. I work in a small team that oversees the administration of the programme and I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the programme’s budget.

Prior to joining the Fast Stream, I worked for the Ministry of Justice for two years in operational, policy, and strategy roles. I absolutely loved it and hope to re-join the department one day! I am also passionate about the Civil Service more broadly and am proud of work we produce and the critical services we deliver.

I joined The Charity for Civil Servants as a volunteer to help serve the people that serve our public and fulfil the policies of the government of the day. In my personal life, I love to read and cycle and enjoy catching up with friends and family.


Luke, feedback forum volunteerI joined DWP via the Fast Stream in October 2021 after working for Samsung in various roles including sales, development, and product training. I learned from my time there how to communicate effectively, how to problem solve on the fly, and how to engage and motivate others. I also interacted with people from all walks of life.

Moving into the public sector has been really exciting and eye opening, trying to improve the way services provide support to those who need it the most.

I’m a carer myself for my partner, so I understand and have empathy for people who might be going through a hard time for a myriad of reasons, and I think most people over the last few years can likely relate to that more than ever. This is why the Charity is such a great resource and more important than ever before.

I’m looking forward to bringing my perspective to the Feedback Forum and working with everyone else to help the Charity do the most it can for those it aims to support.


Nick, feedback forum volunteerI joined HM Land Registry two years ago after a career in the financial services industry working across the UK in a multitude of roles from high street bank manager to risk management to professional development.

At the Land Registry I'm a Product Manager on a new programme, Local Land Charges, to support and improve the home buying and selling process. I’m also a coach at the Future Leaders Academy to identify those with leadership potential and support their development.

Beyond work, I chair the finance committee at a secondary grammar school and deliver schemes to support bank customers with dementia which have been implemented across the UK. During Covid, my wife and I created a local collective to make and supply medical scrubs for local hospitals. I am lucky to have a wonderful wife and two children. I look forward to challenging, in a positive manner, and supporting the ambition of the Charity.


Brian, Feedback Forum VolunteerI have been a member of the UK Civil Service now for 14 years and currently work for HMRC as a Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing champion. Prior to that I worked 25 years in Education in a variety of administrative and support roles.

Outside of work I have been a carer for the last 32 years for a very determined and wonderful lady who suffers from a genetic disease called Ushers Syndrome 2a, which means she has only 30% hearing and 2% sight. I am also the proud father of two beautiful daughters and daddy to my wife’s guide dog Lilypup!

I have been involved with the Charity for more years than I dare to mention. I am a passionate advocate for them not only in HMRC but also through the whole of the Civil Service. My aim is to ensure that everyone knows what the Charity can do for them and help maintain their excellent services.


John, Feedback Forum VolunteerI have been volunteering with the Charity since 2009 in various roles, all of which have been really enjoyable. I worked for the Department for Work and Pensions for over 40 years working around the North West, running benefit paying teams then Compliance in Bolton. At Burnley Pension Centre I managed Pension Credit teams, visited pensioner groups and delivered a National Project before finally retiring after working in a Jobcentre.

By then I had two grandkids but I also wanted to continue helping the Charity as its aims of supporting civil servants past and present, are ones I can whole heartily relate to.

Initially I went to see people and help them with their applications for help. I went on to deliver presentations about the Charity in various Civil Service offices.

Volunteering is a great way of keeping in touch with people. The Charity offers opportunities whether you’re currently working or retired and together we can all make a difference.


Laurence, Feedback Forum VolunteerI joined the Civil Service as part of HM Customs and Excise in Dover in 1987 at aged 16. I served at frontline locations including Dover Eastern Docks, the Hoverport, Folkestone Harbour and Ramsgate and training on one of the Hope Mitchell training courses in Swansea in 1989 before becoming fixed on a specialist drug team at Dover Tourist (ASTD) in the 1990s.

In 2004 I joined the newly formed Freight Targeting Selection Hub in Dover eastern docks. Here I was involved in targeting commercial drug and excise seizures, including 145kg of heroin in 2006 and numerous other commercial drug and cigarette detections and overseeing our integration with the Police Frontier Targeting and transfer to Border Force in 2010.

In 2017 I transferred into Border Force Intelligence Analysis and gained promotion to Higher Officer focusing on Class A drug and Alcohol thematic areas as part of the BFIA team at Folkestone Intelligence centre, Martello House, Kent.

My outside interests are cycling, walking, travel, art and raising money for charities.


Marilyn, Feedback Forum VolunteerI have been in the Civil Service since 1974 and since retiring from HMRC in 2017 I've become a volunteer for The Charity for Civil Servants, a role that I enjoy.

Prior to the pandemic I was frequently doing face to face presentations and manning stalls at various events throughout mainland UK. I always feel very engaged with civil servants from all walks of life following on from my own Civil Service background. In addition to undertaking various technical roles, I was in people management for most of my Civil Service career.

At every opportunity I spread the word and promote the Charity, focusing on the good work that they do and the services they provide, whether they are retired, former or current civil servants.

I have been involved in fundraising activities for the Charity for many years. I remember that the Christmas Jumper days in the office were always so much fun along with the cake baking coffee mornings!

I am very keen to promote health and fitness activities. For many years I have enjoyed participating in the various walking challenges and many great opportunities to help raise much needed funds so the Charity can continue their good work.

I enjoy liaising with the various team members who are always very supportive of my involvement and contribution as a volunteer. I have a very positive outlook and look forward to supporting the Charity as it continues to move forward.


Julian, Feedback forum volunteerHi, my name is Julian and I am a Generalist Year One Fast Streamer within the Ministry of Justice. Specifically, I work within Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) improving capital investment within the prison estate.



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