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A fun and interactive alternative to fundraising. Choose from live and silent auctions for your office.

Arrange a Silent Auction

What is a Silent Auction?

It’s an open bid auction but there is no auctioneer. Suitable for the workplace and items are often donated e.g. Christmas Hamper or colleagues giving unwanted gifts, prizes or tickets to auction. Remember you don't just have to auction physical items but you could also include services for example a make over or photography session. 

Tips and advice

There are no licensing requirements for a silent auction, although you will need to consider the 'Sale of Goods Act' when providing descriptions and stating the value of item which is the minimum acceptable bid.

Download our bidding sheets and include a description and value for each item.

Depending on how many items or if this is part of an event, you can display the bidding sheet alongside the item. Individuals can then look at the items bid for an item by adding their name, contact number and bid amount to the sheet. Alternatively photograph and invite online bids.

Invite any bidder who wishes to remain anonymous to register for a unique number. You can then reconcile winners and bidder numbers.

If two or more people bid the same highest amount, invite them to submit a sealed bid. The highest bidder wins.

Clearly state your terms including the deadline for accepting bids. Explain that winning bids need to be collected and paid for within a certain timeframe. Make sure you clearly explain that winning bids need to be collected and paid for within a certain timeframe or they will be offered to the next highest bidder. Where appropriate include ‘use-by’ dates. Ensure you display your terms alongside the bidding sheets. 

Download your complete fundraising toolkit.

Download your Silent Auction fundraising resources.