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STEP this September Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Read our FAQs.

About the STEP this September challenge
Important dates
How to measure steps
Where to walk
Setting up your JustGiving page
Health and safety
Social media

What's it all about

Raising money for a good cause, getting fitter, having fun and feeling good.

Don’t worry you don’t have to walk 10,000 steps every day; just keep up your weekly average to become more active over 30 days. By raising money during your walking challenge you provide much needed support for fellow civil servants and also move your step count in the right direction.

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Important dates

STEP this September takes place for 30 days throughout September.

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There is no registration fee but we ask that you donate and/or fundraise through our dedicated JustGiving page, if you are able to.

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How to measure steps

Use an App (or a pedometer) to record your daily step count. There are lots of free Apps available and devices such as Fitbit that will measure steps. Examples of Apps are Step Tracker on Android phones or Apple Health App on iphones that comes as standard.

Keep a record of your steps using our step tracker. Once downloaded you will need to open in the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (it is available to download free online if you don't have it). This will allow you to enter your daily steps and save the document to keep track of your total steps.


This is an inclusive event. Wheelchair users can use a basic digital odometer that measures the distance covered. Most bicycle shops will help you. Calibrate it to your tyre size (the standard wheelchair tyre diameter is 24 inches). Let us know once you've registered and we'll send the simple formula to convert your distance into steps.

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Creatively increase steps by dancing or tidying up. Steps must involve feet in contact with the ground, where any movement taken counts towards 10,000 daily steps. So cycling or swimming doesn't count.

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Where to walk

All walking activity must follow current government guidelines. There are plenty of websites that offer mapped walks across the country. Here's some we recommend:

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Everyone who registers, completes the challenge and raises funds by the end of September will receive a digital certificate as a memento of their hard work and support for the Charity.

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Despite having to cancel most of our fundraising activities, we have continued to help those in difficulty and maintained our services. Your fundraising will help change lives for the better. We are your Charity, here to help current, former and retired civil servants when times are tough. In the last three years, people have requested help from the Charity over 180,000 times. 54,000 of these requests came in the last year alone.

Your money can help towards the following

  • £300 could help someone who has fled domestic abuse with the basics to start up again
  • £200 could pay an energy bill to keep a family warm through winter
  • £100 could pay for the extra travel costs of visiting a partner or child in hospital
  • £75 could fund a couple's counselling session when they feel there are no more options
  • £60 could provide a week's worth of food for a struggling family
  • £25 could help someone find out how a Lasting Power of Attorney could help with their parent's health and financial decisions

Here's some fundraising ideas to get you started

  • Get sponsored: for any distance you walk or even the number of blisters or inches lost!
  • Forgo treats: do you have a weekly chocolate bar or another regular treat? Give it up during September and donate the money.
  • Working from home could mean saving money on your commute – why not donate that to the Charity?
  • Donate the cost of a tank of petrol that you didn't use because you walked instead.
  • Sell unwanted items online to raise money.
  • Hold a virtual pub quiz using zoom, teams, skype etc.
  • Fancy dress: arrange a fancy dress event with hybrid working colleagues for a donation to the Charity.
  • Donate your birthday: is it your birthday in September? Ask people to give a gift to the Charity instead of buying you a present.

Giving us your donations

Donate via our dedicated STEP this September JustGiving page.

JustGiving page

Set up your own JustGiving page on behalf of the Charity. Send the link to family, friends and colleagues and ask them to sponsor you. If you're struggling to set up your JustGiving page follow our quick and easy guide.

Offline donations

We accept offline donations.

Please send cheques (made payable to The Charity for Civil Servants) to:
The Fundraising Team
The Charity for Civil Servants
5 Anne Boleyn’s Walk

Or to pay by credit/debit card please call 020 8240 2442/2448.

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Setup your JustGiving fundraising page

Create a STEP this September fundraising page using this step-by-step guide.

Step 1:
Visit the STEP this September JustGiving campaign page.

  • Make a donation by selecting 'Give Now'.
  • Create your fundraising page by clicking 'Start fundraising'.

Step 2:
Login using your existing JustGiving, Facebook or Twitch account. If you're new to JustGiving select 'Sign up'.

Step 3:
Select the type of event you're doing. We suggest 'Fitness at home'. If you're taking part in memory of someone use the 'Remembering someone' option.

Step 4:
Enter the information about your challenge:

  • Event type: a personal walk.
  • Event name: enter your name then StepThisSeptember2021. If this is taken, try your nickname.
  • Event date: leave this blank.
  • Tick the box if you're taking part in memory of someone.
  • Choose your fundraising page web address: use your name followed by StepThisSeptember2021. As you type you can see if this web address is available.
  • Tick 'Yes, my page can claim GiftAid'.
  • Click 'Create your page'.

Please note: most of these options can be edited later.

Step 5:
Congratulations you did it! You'll see a pop-up screen to make your first donation. Select 'Yes, donate' or 'Not now, maybe later'. Making a donation yourself is a great way to encourage others to donate.

We've created a template page to give you an idea to personalise from. We've found the more personalised the page, the more donations you’ll receive from your friends and family!

Step 6:
Over share. First, with the people you know will support you the most. Starting with large donations encourages others to give more to help you hit your target.

Share on social media, email and What’s App using the 'Share' link on your JustGiving page.

Use Strava? Link it up. Keep supporters up-to-date with your stepping progress.


Creating a team page

If you're taking part as a group, a team page brings all your individual fundraising pages together.

Just get the team captain to click 'Create a team' on their fundraising page. NB: You need to be logged in to see the 'Create a team' button.

  • Create a team name.
  • Edit the text for your team page. The template provided is for individual fundraising pages, so remember to change the grammar e.g. 'I’m taking part' to 'We’re taking part'. Make it reflect your team.
  • Select your fundraising amount and create a team web address, using your team's name and StepThisSeptember2021.
  • Select 'Create your team' button.
  • Add team members using the JustGiving links for What’s App, Facebook Messenger, email or simply copy the link. After clicking the link, team members use the 'Join the team' buttons.

See an example of a completed team page.

Please note: the maximum team size is 70 members.

Joining a team

When joining a team, you'll be asked if you have an existing STEP this September challenge fundraising page. If yes, select 'Connect fundraising page'. If no select 'Describe your own event' and follow the guidance from step 4.

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Health and safety

If you have a medical condition that may be exacerbated by physical activity, please see your doctor before starting STEP this September.

This includes if you:

  • Have a known heart condition or have had a stroke
  • Have any chest pains, particularly if brought on during exercise
  • Are ever dizzy or have passed out during exercise
  • Get very breathless during mild exertion
  • Are worried that a joint or back problem may be made worse by increasing your physical activity levels

See advice about personal safety, highway code for walkers, keeping hydrated and how to prevent and treat blisters.

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Social media

Share your journey #StepThisSeptember with your friends, family and colleagues. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email to ask them for support and follow your progress.

Join our private STEP this September Facebook group meet the walking community.

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All participants enter STEP this September entirely at their own risk and The Charity for Civil Servants shall not be liable for any injury, damage, or loss to participants or their property that occurs as a result of participation.

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Still have questions please contact the STEP this September Team.

Give us a call...

For confidential support and advice call 0800 056 2424 Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm