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A huge thank you!

Thank you so much for donating to The Charity for Civil Servants. Your kindness will help civil servants, past and present, in so many ways – especially during these times of increased stress and anxiety.

Everyone has tough times in their life, and it helps a great deal to know that someone will be there to listen, understand and care.

See the difference your gift makes

Donations like yours provide a lifeline for civil servants and their families when life takes a turn for the worse. Here are a few of the vital services that we provide thanks to the generosity of people like you:

Funding for specialist courses of therapy and counselling – providing civil servants who are struggling with their mental health with a caring and supportive space to discuss options and move forward.

Adam, Scottish Government

Adam, Scottish Government

“When you’re depressed, it’s easy to hate yourself. The therapy taught me how to look at things differently…

It’s okay to go through difficult times and we all deserve help. I hope my story reminds people that they’re not alone.”

Over 97,000 instances of help in 2021 requests for help in 2021, nearly 80% of which were related to wellbeing.*

Provision of financial assistance during times of need – such as bereavement, illness or redundancy – to ensure that people can feel more in control of their situation and focus on taking positive next steps.

Natalie, FCDO

“I think I just burst into tears when I first called the Charity for help. They were so kind. Their supportive conversation was a big thing for me.

A helping hand doesn't look the same to everyone, but everyone needs it at some point.”

£1.6 million given out in financial support in 2021 was given out in financial support to help people.*

Online resources for people with caring responsibilities – including webinars to help carers receive the help they need as they support their loved ones.

Alexandra, DWP

“Without the Charity’s help, I don’t know where I’d be.

To the person I spoke to on the phone, keep doing what you’re doing because it’s remarkable.”

uses of digital tools and resources.*
*All figures refer to 2021

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