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The Champions Policy

Being a Champion for The Charity for Civil Servants

We really appreciate you giving your time and energy to be a Champion and being a part of the Charity’s efforts to promote our help, and advice to your colleagues across the Civil Service. We will do our absolute best to make your experience with us both enjoyable and rewarding.

The relationship between you as a Champion and The Charity for Civil Servants is one based on trust and does not involve the obligations associated with employment. No payment, other than the reimbursement of agreed expenses for activity carried out on behalf of the Charity will be made by the Charity to Champions.

As a Champion, we ask that you commit to the following as part of your role:

  • You will make a difference to the lives of people we help.
  • Your gift of time, skills and experience will be used well and effectively.
  • Your activity will be appreciated and recognised.
  • You will be encouraged to develop in your role through many opportunities.
  • Your views on the Charity’s work and your role will be listened to and will be fed back, where possible.
  • You will be expected to carry out volunteering within the law and within the policies and procedures.
  • You are free to stop being a Champion at any time.

And in return, The Charity for Civil Servants promise that:

  • We will provide you with training and share “good practice” with you.
  • We will give you feedback on your activities and we are committed to helping you develop as a Champion.
  • We will give you an opportunity to meet (online and/or face to face) with other Champions and volunteers for the Charity.
  • We may ask that you stop your voluntary activities if this relationship or communication has broken down.
  • We will provide you with training on GDPR best practice when carrying out Champion activities.

We will also promise...

  • Induction: To provide you with a suitable induction into the work of The Charity for Civil Servants and to provide you with the ongoing updates that you need to carry out the role.
  • Information and communication: We will keep you up to date with the work and activities of The Charity for Civil Servants via email newsletters, digital conferencing, and social media on a regular basis.
  • Support, flexibility, and opportunity: To clearly explain the standards that we expect from Champions and to encourage and support you to achieve and keep them.
  • Expenses: The Charity for Civil Servants will repay you for any reasonable out of pocket expenses you necessarily incur whilst carrying out an agreed task on our behalf as a Champion. Travelling and subsistence expenses will be paid per the Charity’s volunteer expenses policy.
  • Insurance: To supply adequate insurance cover whilst undertaking voluntary work approved and authorised by The Charity for Civil Servants. When an individual is carrying out any activities on behalf of The Charity for Civil Servants, you are covered by our Insurance Policies, of which there are five types of insurance cover in place: Employer liability insurance, Public liability insurance, Personal accident insurance, Professional indemnity insurance and Insurance for volunteers over 80 years of age.
  • Health and safety: As a Champion of The Charity for Civil Servants you are governed by the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and other relevant legislation. Some of these responsibilities fall to the Charity and others to you, as a Champion. We are committed to ensuring your wellbeing and safety whilst you are a Champion for The Charity for Civil Servants and, in turn, we expect our Champions to contribute to keeping a safe working environment.
  • Diversity and equal opportunities: To ensure that you carry out any activity with The Charity for Civil Servants as per our diversity and equal opportunities policy.
  • Problems: To try to resolve any problems, grievances, and difficulties you may have whilst you are a Champion for The Charity for Civil Servants. If there is an unresolved problem, we will offer an opportunity to discuss the issues with the Head of Volunteer Engagement. If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome of this, you have the right to discuss your problem with the Chief Executive of the Charity, whose decision will be final.
  • GDPR and safeguarding: To provide you with up-to-date training or guidance on GDPR best practice and Safeguarding policy and whilst you are a Champion for The Charity for Civil Servants.
  • Recruitment: The Charity for Civil Servants welcomes and respects the breadth of experience, skills, dedication, and goodwill that volunteers bring.
  • Age: We do not have an upper age limit for volunteers but as this is primarily for those based in workplaces, we would assume that as a Champion, you are of reasonable working age. There may be situations that require us to ask someone to stop volunteering e.g. when health issues are a risk to the person concerned or others around them.

All Champions for The Charity for Civil Servants must:

  • Take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and other persons who may be affected by your actions and co-operate with staff by helping them to fulfil their statutory duties.
  • Follow our Health and Safety policy and measures in place by The Charity for Civil Servants or any organisation, business or workplace whose premises you may be working on. Report accidents/incidents or dangerous circumstances to a paid member of staff, whether any person has been injured. Be aware of actions to take when an emergency arises and who, from The Charity for Civil Servants, to contact for support.
  • We take great care to protect your information. As a Champion, we expect you to protect any personal or confidential information to which you may have access. We will supply training on Data Protection and GDPR legislation when you become a Champion.
  • The Charity for Civil Servants does not tolerate abusive, aggressive, or violent behaviour to other Champions, Volunteers, or staff. We require that the risk of abusive, aggressive, or violent behaviour occurring is assessed and that proper risk control systems and precautionary measures are implemented to eliminate or minimise significant risks. Champions are encouraged to report incidents involving abuse, threats, aggression, or physical assault, whether they result in injury or not. The Charity for Civil Servants will support all Champions who are victims of violence or aggression with counselling and we will support criminal prosecution by the police for third parties who are aggressive or violent towards our Champions and/or volunteers.
  • If you have any problems or complaints about your role, please talk to the Volunteer Engagement Team at once. The Charity for Civil Servants takes the concerns of its Champions and Volunteers very seriously and will make every reasonable effort to resolve any difficulties.

Give us a call...

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