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The Champions FAQs

What’s the difference between a Champion and a volunteer?

The Champions Network is available to working civil servants only. Its focus is raising awareness in the workplace – making sure people know who the Charity is, what support is available and how to access it. The role is entirely digital, as it’s been designed to fit around your working day.

If you would like to explore a more specialised role, open to all current, former and retired civil servants, have a look at our available roles.

I’m not currently in a workplace, can I still get involved?

Attending events was an integral part of volunteering with the Charity and was open to all current, former or retired civil servants. However, due to Covid, we’re not currently able to do this. That said, we actively encourage anyone to promote the Charity wherever you can, in or outside of the workplace.

Therefore, if you’re still in touch with your ex-colleagues maybe via Facebook or through a Civil Service group e.g. CSPA, please do sign up. It would be great, if you could share materials with these groups.

Of course, as things begin to ease and we introduce different activities and hopefully events, we’ll advertise these for everyone to join in with. However, for now The Champions is primarily a work-place focused role.

There’s no training – how will I know I’m saying the right thing?

Don’t worry. The role has been designed to be simple.

We’ll be in touch regularly with everything you need. We’ll prep you with content and resources for you to share, as well as make sure you understand the key messages.

Any new resources or services will be sent to you, as they happen so you can promote to your colleagues. Email is our main form of communication but social media is also updated daily, so always a good idea to like us there too.

Will volunteers and/or Champions still be invited to deliver presentations by the Charity?

Some of you may have seen a presentation delivered by one of our staff visiting your office. This used to be our main conversation starter with the Civil Service community. Unfortunately, it isn’t something we can currently do but we still need to reach those people.

Over the coming months, our staff will be exploring more in-depth online presentations. We’ll be focusing on fine-tuning and streamlining the process for our audiences.

Champions won’t be asked to deliver these on behalf of the Charity at the moment. However, once we’ve perfected the process, we’re hoping to share opportunities for you to do this.

That said, if you want to organise your own presentation and deliver within your team or department, we’d encourage you to do so!

Will you run events or face-to-face training in the future?

As you can imagine, it’s tricky for us to know exactly when these things might be possible. Our priority at the minute has to be getting the message out there, as freely and frequently as possible.

But the minute it’s safe to do so, we’ll be on the road meeting you all and encouraging you to network.

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