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The Champions

While life continues to look a little different, we know people need our help more than ever. Without face-to-face office chats, it’s become harder for friends and colleagues to discover and get the help they need.

Many of you still want to get involved and help the community, and you can by becoming a Champion.

What is a Champion?

A new role consisting of little actions but with big impact.

The Champions have just three activities to share with people:

The Champions - Who The Charity for Civil Servants are The Champions - how to access Charity support The Champions - wear it to promote yourself

With no traditional ‘volunteering training’, means you can start right away. As soon as you sign up, all the resources you need will land in your inbox.

We’ll keep you up to date with what to say and how to say it. You just have to find places to share it.

Got a question? Have a look at our FAQs or email us.

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What will I do?

Being a Champion doesn’t take up much of your time. It’s designed to be simple – to fit around your existing commitments. So you can hit the ground running.

Get inspired and read ideas of what you can do as a Champion.

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To get things started we just need some basic information. By completing the form below, you will take the first step to becoming a Champion AND receive other information about the Charity such as our monthly newsletter (see statement below).

You will then receive a second email asking for a little more information. And, of course, for you to confirm you're just as excited as us to join the team! Make sure you look out for this, as you'll need to provide this information before you get started.

Our Champions policy gives more information about the role and what you can expect from being a Champion.

We promise to always keep your details safe and we will never sell or swap your details with anyone. For more information on how we look after your data please see our privacy statement.

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