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You Have Medium Stress Levels

  • If you have scored between 0 and 16, you have LOW levels of stress.
  • If you have scored between 17 and 24, you have MEDIUM levels of stress.
  • If you have scored between 25 and 32, you have HIGH levels of stress.

You are showing some signs of stress suggesting that you may be struggling to cope with the pressures you are currently under.

Before stress really has an impact on your physical and mental health, try to recognise what is making you feel this way and work out how to manage it. Here are some suggestions:

Wellbeing guides

Why not download our free Wellbeing Guides to learn more about managing stress, including our new publication ‘How to support Mental Health at Work’.

Physical activity

Physical activity is very beneficial to your mental wellbeing. Looking after your mental health using exercise is important and doesn't have to involve doing sport or going to the gym. If you are new to physical activity, simply beginning with a daily walk has proven benefits to wellbeing and needn't be daunting. Why not take part in our Walking Challenge, where you can raise money for a good cause, have fun and improve your sense of wellbeing?


Alternatively, mindfulness can help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings so that instead of being overwhelmed, you are better able to manage them.

If this seems like something you would benefit from, we can offer you access to A Taste of Mindfulness, a new online self-study introduction to mindfulness, provided by Breathworks. To register for A Taste of Mindfulness please click here. Once you have registered you will need the following enrolment key CivilService1*. If you have problems registering, please email

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