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Relationship counselling

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Relationship counselling can provide a fresh perspective when pressures of current circumstances get too much for you and those close to you.

How can counselling help?

Working with a counsellor provides an opportunity to think about what you can do to improve a situation, and explore complex or difficult issues in a safe and confidential environment. If can help support situations such as family difficulties, affects of illness, caring and bereavement on relationships, and psychosexual problems.

What can I expect from Relate counselling?

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For more information about Relate services, and to find your nearest centre, click on the relevant links below.

Most Relate centres offer webcam or telephone counselling and some offer in the room sessions. When you speak to a centre they can advise on the services they offer, the charges involved and how their service will be provided. If your nearest centre doesn't offer the type of counselling you need, there may be availability in other Relate centres.

How we can help to fund the costs of Relate counselling

Please follow the steps below if you need help with counselling costs. We may be able to offer financial assistance, usually for a maximum of six sessions.

  1. Find a Relate centre that suits your needs. Confirm the cost per session and number of sessions required with the centre (if possible).
  2. Log into our Portal and select ‘Click to Access' on the 'Apply For Help' tile.
  3. Select ‘Click to Access' on the ‘Fill in Application Form’ tile.
  4. Select ‘Financial Assistance’ and click 'Start Application' at the bottom of the page.
  5. Complete the application as appropriate. When asked to provide information about the issues and support you need, please enter ‘help with Relate counselling’ and include the Relate centre you will use along with the cost per session and the number of sessions recommended (if known).

Some types of counselling require more than six sessions. If this is recommended by your Relate centre, please upload a copy of their recommendation with any other application documents that are requested or as soon as possible.

Give us a call...

For confidential support and advice call 0800 056 2424 Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm