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Spring/Summer Webinars 2021

View our spring/summer 2021 help and advice webinars

Led by our own team of services experts and specialist partners, each webinar is designed to be an informative session with tools, ideas and routes to gain further help and advice should you need it.



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Mindfulness with Breathworks
Andrew McNeill, Breathworks

Andrew McNeill, Workplace Associate at Breathworks, our mindfulness partners, introduces mindfulness and how it can help us navigate these extraordinary and challenging times. Whether completely new to mindfulness, have an established practice or are somewhere in between, join this calming, insightful session.

Money and Prosperity
Chris Robertson, Don't Tone Alone

Join Chris Robertson from Don't Tone Alone as he talks about money management, setting goals and achieving what you want from life.

Time To Talk Day 2021
Burnout and Maintaining Wellbeing
Rachel Cashman

Join Executive and Leadership Coach, Rachel Cashman, as she talks about maintaining wellbeing and avoiding stressors and burnout as we continue to work remotely. This session will encourage us to come away with actions and pledges as to what we can achieve in order to achieve balance (produced in partnership with the Equality and Human Rights Commission).

Dementia, Depression and Delirium
Life Story Network and TIDE

Join the Life Story Network and TIDE for an exclusive webinar on dementia, depression and delirium tailored to unpaid carers. This session will cover the inter-relationship between dementia, delirium and depression, the early identification of delirium and depression in people living with dementia in their own homes, and how to ask for the right treatment and support.

Art of Brilliance: How to be a Well Being
Sanjeev Sandhu, Art of Brilliance

In a world where people were already struggling with 'mental health', along came Covid. New words (furlough), phrases ("you've got to unmute yourself"), and behaviours (social distancing) have become indicative of a culture where it's harder to be a well being. Sanjeev Sandhu from Art of Brilliance empowers you to take proactive charge of your own mental wellbeing. Enjoy interactive activities that'll be engaging, counter intuitive and applicable to our professional and personal lives.

Don't Tone Alone: Nutrition and Weight Management
Chris Robertson, Don't Tone Alone

Learn a way to eat well that suits you without dieting or feeling like you have to count the calories. There are no fad methods, instead Chris from Don’t Tone Alone will show you the simplest way to healthy eating.

Art of Brilliance: Bouncebackability
Art of Brilliance

The past twelve months have been tough on us all. We've lost time, connection, and a real sense that the world may have changed forever. While there is light at the end of the tunnel, we can't help but to have learnt a lot about ourselves, and just how resilient we really are.

Life After Lockdown: Anxiety and Wellbeing
Kath Cheer and CSSC

In partnership with the Civil Service Sports Council, in this webinar we’ll discuss the impact the past year has had on our mental wellbeing. Kath Cheer, Area Services Manager at the Charity, delves into how best we can manage our stress, readjust to the wider world and help let nature take its course.

Don't Tone Alone: Motivation
Don't Tone Alone

Motivation can be difficult when energy levels are low and yet that's often when we need it the most. This webinar will give you the tools to find the motivation you need to stay committed to your tasks and ambitions, and help you to keep pursuing a path that leads to a better you.

Don't Tone Alone: Active Ageing
Don't Tone Alone

Learn how to stay active and connected to the things you love in life following our webinar in Active Ageing. The simplest way is always best so we'll get you to reflect on what you hold most important and provide strategies of staying healthy on your terms as you get older.

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Art of Brilliance: The Joy of Regrets
Art of Brilliance

This webinar takes Art of Brilliance's core messages of happiness, flourishing, resilience and personal responsibility and looks at embedding positivity in our personal and professional lives. Most of us recognise the value of fostering positive intrinsic learning behaviours and many ‘get’ that growth mindsets are crucial, but there’s more to it than knowing what ‘perseverance’ means.

Aids, Adaptations, Assistive Technology and Mobility Equipment
Linda Eades with Midshires Mobility Group and Canary Care

Linda Eades, Head of Caring Services, is joined by John Brown and Paul Cushen from Midshires Mobility Group, Stuart Butterfield from Canary Care, and Pam Pardy, Senior Grants and Support Officer from our Help and Advisory Services Directorate, to talk about assistive technology equipment for anyone who may need it.

Art of Brilliance: The Ripple Effect
Art of Brilliance

Having one's emotions and related behaviours directly trigger similar emotions and behaviours in others is an innately human phenomenon. Emotions can be shared across individuals in many different ways, both implicitly or explicitly. This session discovers ways we can learn from each other, uplift and inspire, and take away a completely new outlook on life and our future.

Understanding Anxiety
Linda Eades with Anxiety UK

Head of Wellbeing Services, Linda Eades, is joined by Dave Smithson from Anxiety UK to discuss what anxiety is, and how it affects us in a post-lockdown world. We'll discuss self-care tools and tips about returning to the office, managing expectation and what professional help is available.

Stress and Anxiety
Linda Eades with Anxiety UK

Head of Wellbeing Services, Linda Eades, is joined by Dave Smithson from Anxiety UK to discuss what stress is, how it affects us, who it affects and how our minds and bodies react when we're anxious.

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